What creates evil's charm? The perfect example is Breaking Bad, in which the protagonist Walter White becomes increasingly ruthless and despicable, killing multiple people along the way.

Listening to the Breaking Bad soundtrack, months after having finished the series, what is this feeling that comes rushing back so fast? Not only the attraction to Walt — reminiscent of Macbeth — but feeling his whole life going past my inner eye as if he were closer to me than my best friends. In the best case, I may just be intellectually interested in how a person can lose so much of our morality. Probably though, the series' success is indicating less noble parts of our psyche. We stick to our protagonist and do not even consider changing sides.

Have I been compromised by moral relativism or the right of the strongest?

Maybe a cathartic feeling of karma as everyone is in their right place and actions have consequences.

Envy towards the man who has freed himself from conventional morality.

For the love of anarchy, even though we know that it is not a good idea.