Ben Caplan on the title of his album In the Time of the Great Remembering:

Re-experiencing as opposed to experiencing, but doing so in a very involved way. I also wanted the title to reflect my personal philosophy of hope – that our culture will itself enter into a time of Great Remembering in which we recall more balanced ways of living that have slipped away.

With my limited knowledge, it seems that balance has slipped away gradually, while humanity is becoming disconnected from nature. My remembering goes back to the point when homo sapiens first discovered fire. I want less nostalgia, just more awareness of the different realities people have inhabited.

He is a minimalist in other ways, too:

I own one pair of pants, and I don't own a razor.

I own two pairs of pants and I, too, don't own a razor. My beard is not as mighty as his, though. Also, Ben Caplan's music is chocolate to my brain. Thanks to my friend Marco for recommending it!