[kəuks] persuade gradually or gently to do something. From obsolete cokes, the underlying sense being 'make a simpleton of'.

Faith is a collection of powerful ideas that, like a virus, feeds off its host and spreads throughout humanity, as long as there is no sufficient immunity. As atheism among scientists is far more common than in any other group, the antidote appears to be science itself. It matches my experience that those who have not acquired a scientific way of thinking are easily coaxed into believing. Once acquired, religion protects itself against challenge by conveniently redefining its claims as metaphors, and incentivising you to ignore contrary evidence. Faith-based ideas will not only elicit unreasonable views and decisions but also make you indoctrinate your children and acquaintances without refrain. Because you are genuinely sharing your faith as a friend, not a marketer, there is also no inherent distrust to make someone question your claims. For these reasons, most who adhere to faith have never challenged it, and feel its proof in this mystical organ that is the soul. The feelings they are experiencing are real, but the conclusions are not.

Please be aware when a system coaxes you into believing and consequently when you are persuading others and thereby abusing their gullibility.