I actively avoid having collections. That doesn't only mean stamp collections and souvenirs; it also includes the music I love. Even though there is a large variety of music that brings me joy, I usually don't have all albums of my favourite artists. I sure listen to their new releases but then realise that keeping only the best album of any kind lets me appreciate that one much more. If the style of any one artist evolves greatly, I often have more of their music in my library, but only if every album has proven valuable. The crucial shift in mindset is not to feel obligated as a "fan" of something. Only because you like it, doesn't mean you have to have all of it.

My music library is still vast, but at least I can now quickly find something to listen to. At this moment I would enjoy listening to any of the albums I have.

As with all parts of life, questioning just-in-case items is also useful: Christmas music gets its playlist quarantine, and dance party music gets banned. I won't be having dance parties any time soon.