La Vie d'Adèle – Chapitres 1 et 2 is the love story that feels most real to me. But what strikes me now after having seen the film many times is, how it opens up different characters' realities. At the moment when Emma and Adèle first lock eyes, another life opens up to me. What is it that brought Emma there, touching a different lover's shoulder? How different must your story be, up to that singular moment of contact? How different the dreams of knowing; How different the instant effect of love?


Emma is more pragmatic than Adèle. Emma does not follow her feelings and instincts too easily. She can walk away from a relationship without losing a part of herself. Her choices are realistic, and she is looking for a good life. Adèle does not share this maturity. She allows us to study love at it's most forceful and random. She is never able to talk about emotions without being emotional. Although her feelings make Adèle the hero of our story, objective assessment makes me want to take Emma as an example — I used to identify with Adèle without seeing any fault.

Watching the two now feels like training for my own life. They are real enough to evoke feelings in me and make me face my constitution. Emotions are real, but they are not an uncontrollable force.

Thanks to Irvine for pointing out my naïveté.