How do you pacify your rambling mind?

Can you live without TV, a smartphone, internet, a couch, sweets? Do you seek out the past, mementos, and fiction as worlds to escape to? It is entertainment that stifles a mind which contains the potential for revolution.

Too many people I know and love have given up on their adolescent aspirations. They might once have wanted to right the wrongs perceived around them. Maybe they still give to charity sometimes. Maybe they feel like we are in a politically and socially supreme time, and that we can afford just to rest content. I do not judge them, for they act as good citizens in this time and place. I appreciate my own situation, though: Not only can I see the problems with ideas and systems around; I even have hopes of making a meaningful impact! Because the vast majority of liberals, atheists, and freethinkers have given up this hope, I am now putting much effort into this blog. If all goes well, this shall help me keep on track with personal decisions, and make me directly accountable. I am convinced that aligning personal life with ethics is the best way to make life better, and more profound. For everyone. So, please hold me accountable that I practice what I preach. Criticise me. Challenge my assumptions. Share ideas and books with me. Say hi, so I know who I am accountable to.

Revolutionary thoughts are rather common, as soon as the mind is left to its own devices. Stay with these thoughts for some time, and they might even become hopeful. Commit to them, and you will make more of an impact than if you hadn't tried.

Steve Jobs, who was not perfect, but never settled for the status quo:

Stay hungry, stay foolish.

Please consider lessening your needs, to achieve peace of mind, without repressed fears.

Thanks to Andi for his inspiration.