With every new host, I have to memorise the position of the things in their kitchen. Unlike other utensils around the house, kitchens contain an extensive assortment of different items, and most of those I never use during my stay. For example, most families have multiple box graters, multiple peelers, and knives of all sizes and shapes. Of those, what I need for cooking is one good grater, a somewhat efficient peeler, and a sharp knife. There are many single-use appliances, but I never saw the need for a rice cooker, microwave, waffle maker, or slot-loading toaster. Many people prepare the same dishes without those. Dust levels give a clear indicator which plates and pots remain unused; I would recommend minimising them for peace of mind, even if they don't harm anyone.

And one thing about pantries: Snacks are always the first food gone. When you blindly restock on all the crisps you've had, no resolution for healthy eating will stand a chance.