Yesterday was the third time I had a meaningful conversation with a stranger. We discussed intimate relationships, politics, and the human eye's complexity. I have a hard time imagining time better spent.

It is what I seek out most while travelling. Let me just get over being a tourist and show me your view of life! When insecurity falls away, both realise that there is nothing to lose in sharing; both grow.

The formalised version of a meaningful conversation is penpalship. Though random interactions are more surprising and challenging still, pen pals might have the most intimate relationship possible. A pen pal would suit everyone, no matter their age or constitution.

My complete openness — proving itself so quickly when in a meaningful conversation with a stranger — is continually growing toward everyone, I dare say.

Whenever possible, speak your mind tactfully. When you can't say something tactfully, say it nonetheless. If you still see no reason to get into real conversations, let me give just one more reason: To learn how stupid lies are.

Suggested reading: - Sam Harris – Lying
- Leo Babauta – The Way to Finding Powerful Human Connection