I used to watch almost one movie per day; now I barely get to one per month.

As a cineaste, I never thought I would stop watching movies. Now, travelling, my priorities have changed. I saw it coming that I wouldn't have time to watch a movie a day anymore, but I also thought my love for cinema was strong. At least I can be sure that my obsession was never an addiction. I value film as a unique art form, but watching movies doesn't have to be a central part of my life.

This change also connects to my wish to become a filmmaker. A few months ago I thought that choosing a career in filmmaking would let me be successful and that it would allow me to express myself creatively. Now, I still think it might, but I have become aware that film is only another medium. What I want to pursue in life is having a positive impact. When I saw filmmaking as particularly desirable, I was just going after the distraction of a particular industry and technology.

I still see the impression films have made on me as real. They have a unique ability to convey human connection and the sense that we are nothing but creatures in nature. I am still a cineast, movies bring me to tears, and I appreciate cinema as poetry. But rather than spend my time mastering technology and interpreting the art of others, I now prefer to think and do, as published here.