Nature will find its way.

What Thoreau called constitution — human nature is just an unrepresentative part of nature. Fancy suits don't change the fact that the way you dress associates you with a group and expresses hostility to the out-group. Likewise, sports are just a civilised version of tribal conflict. When we are celebrating how every nation is equal in sports, we are focusing on our differences; there is only ever one winner. Society hasn't changed our nature all that much.

If your trail cuts wanderers off from a river, you better give a good reason, or they will find a way. In the same fashion, personal growth is far more manageable if in accordance to one's nature: You'll continue eating sugar treats if the only fruit you have at home is sour apples and a pineapple you are too lazy to cut. Try this sorbet-replacement (thanks to Nye!): Put some lychees in the freezer and eat them the next day. It works with your brain.