• Jealousy. It is part of a misguided scarcity mindset and reduces happiness for all involved. Love is not a resource to be divided up.
  • Monogamous relationships. Healthy relationships come with clear boundaries. My boundaries exclude what seeks to exclude others from my life.
  • Small talk. Awkward silence should be overcome by quiet confidence, not filler words.


  • Computer other than an iPhone. I’ve experimented with owning a laptop to the exclusion of a phone. In the end, the low maintenance required by iOS, along with extreme portability has won out over the “powerful” computer. Living without chat apps, maps, and an always-ready camera for a time has demonstrated their worth to me. With the laptop went a lot of ancillary ballast like software subscriptions, backup concerns, dongle buying, and file managament.
  • Facebook.
  • Personal motorised vehicle. My disdain for cars is apparent to anyone who’s met me. I am proud of every metre I’ve biked, run, walked, swum. Also, Europe has reasonable public transport.


  • Animal products.
  • Sugar. I like to eat chocolate with at least 92% cocoa. I make occasional exceptions for vegan treats.
  • Tobacco. Never. It’s not a good drug.


  • Shampoo. There’s an online “no-poo” subculture that introduced me to this concept. I won’t make any general claims, but it definitely works for me and many others.
  • Deodorant. At stressful times, deodorant has made sense for me. Otherwise I sweat and stink less without.
  • Heavy footwear. I switched to lightweight barefoot-shoes, which bring me ergonomically close to barefoot, which I enjoy. My feet sweat regardless if I’m wearing socks, so I stopped wearing them. At least these shoes are washable and fast-drying.
  • Shaving. As I’ve gotten compliments both bearded and clean-shaven, and I am aesthetically agnostic here, I opt for the path of least resistance, that is whatever grows out of my face. If I want to shave it all off one day, that is fine. As long as I don’t have to subscribe to a minute-long daily ritual.
  • Regular hair cuts. Same. I’ve enjoyed shaving my head and letting the hair grow back over a year or so.


  • A desk chair. Lying down and standing up are both better alternatives for everyone’s body, and I think better this way.
  • TV. Television is stupid. I watch movies and a few series on my phone and go to the cinema when I get the chance.
  • Reading the news. “Breaking news” is the worst thing that’s happened to journalism, and it’s taken over every news site I’ve seen. Important things get through to me. Listening to “The Daily” is a joy.


My needs are already thus that I could live off the grid with just a 12V solar charger. Lack of dishwasher, washing machine, cooking facility, heating has never annoyed me when in such a situation. My phone would suffice to maintain my career and uphold social communication channels and emergency facilities.

With this amount of material freedom achieved, it is on me to live freely and make life changes fast before routine captures what remains: me.