I will not even try to define the word photographer as it carries so much weight and insecurity. Those who are good or successful at it also tend to be precious about being a photographer. Anyone who is not taking valuable photos is not a photographer, they say.

While technology is making long-time photographers insecure about the value of their skill, craftspeople always seem to face this divide: Be precious about fine arts and disqualify inferior arts, or embrace new tools and aids.

Although I grant many advantages to manual photography with as much lens-glass as possible, it is undeniable that phones take good photos too, now. Almost anyone can do it. Why not let dilettantes be photographers also, whenever they feel like it? If you do a thing that people like and you continue being able to make money, allow competition to thrive.

If you are unlucky, your skill might not matter anymore. I feel sorry for anyone who is not willing to learn something new, but the world will move on! You can either live with your skills in the past or look to the future possibilities your mind and body provide.

I know that you might be excellent at something, but please don't make it your life.