If you have a Mac, this is what I think you should do to harden the system for privacy and security. This list does not include advice or tools on handling passwords, thwarting fraud and phishing, or how to safely download files from the internet, connect peripherals, or sync to other devices.

  • System lockdown
    • Require password immediately after sleep or screensaver begins
    • FileVault encryption
    • Set system password
    • Set up FV auto-destroy and hibernate with YoNTMA
    • OS X Config Check
  • Monitor app activity
  • Network security, privacy, and monitoring
  • Safari browser
    • Cookie auto-removal with Cookie
    • Adblocking with Better
    • JS Blocker to only allow JavaScript on whitelisted sites; help prevent fingerprinting.
    • Search engine: DuckDuckGo
    • Disable popups
    • Disable WebGL
    • Disable Plug-Ins
    • Allow cookies and website data from current website only
    • Location services: Prompt for each website once each day