All the people I surround myself with are in shock as the people of the USA have voted for Donald Trump.

The Democrats sure have too much political correctness; they sure don't address concerns about immigration very well. Hilary Clinton was quite a flawed candidate, and her association with Bill Clinton doesn't help. But she also seems qualified for the job.

Donald Trump doesn't seem qualified at all; he does not even realise his ignorance. The president will inevitably make decisions on his own that he should have experts solve. Trump will double down on the egocentric, perverted values that have already been the USA's bitter aftertaste. In the worst case, he will continue to remind us of Hitler, our least favourite nationalist. In the best case, his policy will be as superficial as his character.

I still can't understand how this could happen. How many lifetimes will it take to correct the distortion of the USA's values?

I used to have the wish to travel there at some point, but the people (pseudo-)democratically voted me out. My appreciation for New Zealand and Europe has just skyrocketed.

Maybe we can all use this situation to stop looking up to the USA. Europe, Canada, New Zealand ā€” all pretty democratic. Or perhaps we can start doing some research into anarchism.

Maybe the world is not going to work out fine without direct political action. Ugh!