I decided to post here once a day, and so far I haven't failed. When I am working on posts that take more thinking, I sometimes have to write a quick article late at night, just to meet my goal. That's okay! Even though it would be better not to work that late, and to only put out what has been thoroughly considered, I am convinced that such a work habit will almost inevitably lead to personal growth. Now — always being in the writing process — my ideas are not as easily disposed of; I consider many thoughts and capture them as drafts, so I can easily start writing again at a later point. A formalised workflow like this helps overcome the limitations of the mind: Even though I am only slowly getting better at forming complex thoughts, I am now better able to build that muscle.

For everyone who wants to get into capturing and expanding on their thoughts, I recommend journaling. With little effort and no pain have I written some 4000 entries in the last four years, with immediate and long-term positive effects on my mind. Your writing should never be an expression of compulsive oversharing, though, even if written for yourself: No matter how exciting your life, only a mindful person has something to share. Therefore, live first and capture second.