I don't own a car, and I'd like to keep it that way for as long as I can. A car gets you that certain sense of freedom and independence, even though the roads you take are as close to routine as if walking in your home. There are many roads to explore, but there is no reason to because driving itself is so unrewarding. Even those who do drive around randomly don't make any connection with their environment. Walking by foot, on the other hand, you can admire the beauty of natural and human-made environment; maybe even meet people.

I am aware that most people have to commute, which is unfortunate, as it leaves many with no choice but to drive a car. If you have the option though, please consider taking public transport. Not only is it more sustainable, but I have also observed how it makes for better people. Although mindful people don't have to be angry in any means of transport, attitude can only make you a joyful recluse in a car. Trains, however, are a suitable place for community, if you are inclined. The constitution of many is a hindrance to public transportation, mostly because they do not care to become socially open and positive beings.

Please try to have fun taking the train. Also, why not go hitchhiking some time? Objective research might tell you that it is not nearly as dangerous as you thought it would be. After all, merely driving a car is so dangerous that it might be worth trading a bit of risk for social interaction.