Minimalism is an unusual phenomenon because it is getting popular without relying on irrational beliefs. The advantages it provides are concrete and don't have serious dangers.

I embrace this community so much because there are unconventional thinking and spirituality without charlatanry or faith. It is otherwise often frustrating to look for unconventional ideas because they are entangled with irrational, nostalgic, and attention-seeking claims. Most disappointingly, the eco-movement is blindly opposing GMOs, often not concerned with the efficiency of production, and sometimes even anti-vaccination. There is even worshipping of gods, distracting from the altruistic and sustainable character at the movement's centre.

If you are looking for alternatives to conventional thinking, please don't blindly follow other people's alternatives. It is imperative that you always retain your common sense, even when questioning common-sense facts.

Thanks to my aunt Angela for her inspiration.