We are steered through life by urges. Not that we're always either in bed, on the lavatory, or eating; these physical urges are negligible in comparison to the mental puppetry in everyday life. Writing this, sitting in the quiet outdoors without major distractions, my mind starts to wander and lose focus. Even when using my phone with minimal app distractions, my muscle memory tries to randomly surf the web, searching for a bit of dopamine. Even when shopping for one specific item, ads still work. Lizard-brains are repelled by spiders, drawn to comfortably familiar people and experiences, needlessly fighting, and only ever caring about what is right in front of them.

I cannot change my brain and its reactions to stimuli from inside and out. Therefore I resort to observing these reactions as they happen. Aware of the life I want, appropriate actions are increasingly easy to take. This is also why I put systems in place to discourage a busy and distracted life. Please do not blindly follow your urges, passions, and faiths.